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Lowriders bumping down the strip, drifters cruising round the hills, boy racers along the lanes & Ryan Gosling on repeat.

I got asked to come up with a concept for a night which turned into a nice little design project, which has then lead to this mix.

The layout is inspired by Haynes car manuals, the colours are lifted from a random racing car, the typeface is by Anthony Burrill and is inspired by carpark lettering in Shoreditch and the car is a classic British V8.

I even snuck in some road names that mean something to me. I just need to learn to drive now!

Lone – First Born Seconds
Brian Bennett – Solstice
Abel – Dazzled
Masta Ace – Born To Roll
Clause Four – Suspense
Craig Bratley – Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride – Ewan Pearson Mix
The Emperor Machine – Got To Warm Ride (Edit)
Boof – Cat Soulcat Strut
Gary Gritness – Preachin’ Some Tight Game
Gnork – No Gravity
Roberto – New Sensation – Tom Noble Remix
Photek – 101 – Boddika Remix
Pearson Sound – Footloose
Photek – Closer – Pinch Remix