Yardsale – Poolside

Posted by Chris Airplays, 23rd April 2015 09:59pm


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Posted by Chris Airplays, 11th April 2015 09:57am

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I’m not sure if making these cases was ever a good idea.

I’d just finished studying Graphic Design and wanted to work on a fun personal project. I ended up making over 100 handmade cases using hazard tape, grey board, self adhesive magnetic strips and CD nipples.

A completely DIY effort involving hand cutting over 200 square boards, 400 strips of hazard tape and 400 magnetic strips; which then had to be cut in half to make them the right size to keep the traditional CD case dimensions.

This was over 8 years ago (I think) and looking at them now I’m still happy with how they turned out.

The mix didn’t go quite so well. Not that it wasn’t good it’s just that the cases were better.

The cases ended up sitting on a shelf for around 7 years until I finally came to the conclusion that no matter how good the mix, the case was still ridiculous, and that the only way to counter this was to do two mixes covering as much ground as cohesively possible; pretty much how I love to play.

It still took a year to actually dedicate the time to making a cup of coffee and getting down to business.

But it’s done: Over two hours of Electro Funk, SloMo Techno, Boogie Edits, Basement Jams and Warehouse Vibes.

They’ll be free with orders but if you’d just like a copy send me an email with your postal address and I’ll get one out to you. chris@thediggersltd.co.uk

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Behind This Wall at Dance Tunnel with MMM

Posted by Chris Airplays, 24th March 2015 09:26pm

Really looking forward to playing records down at Dance Tunnel with Alex BTW on Friday and checking out MMM

More excellent design on the posters by David Matos aka Shutupandance




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The Diggers Social March 2015

Posted by Chris Airplays, 4th March 2015 11:45pm

Unfortunately I had to change the dates for February and March’s Socials but it’s ok, I just edited the poster in photoshop and bobs your uncle.

The next poster might not be so easy though as it’s going to be lino printed. I should have artwork available in the shop soon after the date providing no-one fucks up!

Facebook Event

diggers social poster web

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Skate Dome Denmark

Posted by Chris Airplays, 4th March 2015 11:44pm

Skate City Haderslev Skate City Haderslev Skate City Haderslev Skate City Haderslev cebra_skatepark_04 cebra_skatepark_05

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Hot Tea – UUGGHH

Posted by Chris Airplays, 4th March 2015 11:41pm


Hot Tea getting creative on one of NY’s most famous spots

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Aryz on his art

Posted by Chris Airplays, 16th February 2015 11:13pm


I do love Aryz’s work. It’s a shame he’s so down on the term Street Art though. I know it’s been monetised to shit but it’s dealt heavily with reclaiming public space that’s been commercialised for decades; almost to the point where the underlying message, regardless of the content, is “this is my world and you can’t sell it back to me”.

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Butter Goods – Indestructible

Posted by Chris Airplays, 16th February 2015 11:13pm

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Dolo Percussion

Posted by Chris Airplays, 16th February 2015 11:12pm


Max D continues his Dolo Percussion alias with four dance floor drum tracks of the highest order. Available now on Future Times.

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Posted by Chris Airplays, 3rd February 2015 06:25pm

We spent Christmas and New Year in God’s Own Country aka Kerala in the south of India. I took along my trusty Pentax ME Super loaded with some Fuji Superia 200 film.



















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