10 Records for Behind This Wall

Posted by Chris Airplays, 19th December 2016 10:13pm

Behind This Wall asked me to pick my top 10 records for their new youtube channel. That was about a year a go and I’m not sure what happened to the channel but I thought I’d put the playlist out there. Words and vids below but you can find them all together here.

Eirwud Mudwasser – Ziggurat – Balearic Social

Just out on the newly minted Balearic Social record label from Andy Pye’s monthly gathering of the same name. Seriously strong start.

Social Lovers – Can’t Let It Go – Voltaire

Part of the Endeavors 12” comp on Voltaire records this is a beautiful low slung groover.

Gloria Ann Taylor – Love Is A Hurting Thing – Luv N’ Haight

Another sure-fire soul gem, shot into the stratosphere after being played at Flo Po’s first You’re A Melody night and subsequently receiving a dodgy bootleg. Now officially available via Ubiquity label Luv N’ Haight.

Enlightment – Burning Flame – BBE

Featured on Zaf’s new Private Wax Vol.2 triple pack on BBE. Late night boogie funk for the lovers.

Goldie Alexander – Show You My Love – Break

More boogie this time taking peak time duties. Pretty sure I heard this on a Maurice Fulton mix and had to get a copy. More from Maurice in a bit.

Willesden Dodgers – 112bpm – Jive

Breakdance music from London Town! Driving bassline, electro beat and new wavy vocals.

Mutsumi – Look Down At Your Feet Below – Running Back

Maurice Fulton on production duties for his missus. The kind of crazy, intense, basement ready dance music I love.

Labuzinski & Graef – Vino Rosetto – OYE

Another one for the basements with huge amounts of electro influence and UK Bass!

Colonel Abrams – You Got Me Running – Echovolt

Recently issued demo tape version of early Abrams track complete with lovely tape hiss and a seriously raw groove.

Florist – Marine Drive (Club) – All Caps

Produced in Vancouver, inspired by an airfield near Maidenhead and released via Glaswegian label All Caps – global house music.

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