If Music Presents You Need This: Eastern European Sounds (1970-1986)

Posted by Chris Airplays, 10th April 2016 09:14pm

IF 3.00

Great to see Diggers Record Fair regular and top bloke Adrian Magrys working with one of London’s most dapper record sellers for this special Record Store Day compilation.

Check out one of the cuts and read a bit more about the comp below

Compiled by If Music’s figurehead Jean-Claude and Adrian Magrys – founder of the London based Polish label Lanquidity Records (Bogowie, Contemporary Noise Quintet, Speakers Corner Quartet) – the six tracks span infectious Polish disco grooves (Wojciech Karolak and Andrzej KorzyƄski); bustling break-heavy jazz from the Polski Jazz Ensemble and the Russian-born “Prince Igor” Yahilevich; heartwarming spiritual jazz stylings from Hungary’s Binder Quintet feat. John Tchicai; and Alojz Bouda’s awesome oddball Slovakian synth banger ‘Random’ from 1980 also features.

“Adrian is known to If Music not only for being a customer and a supplier of quality contemporary jazz, but he is also one of a small handful of world-class go-to peeps when it comes to Eastern European music” explains Jean-Claude. “When the idea for the compilation was originally mooted, and before I had even thought about which direction this album was going to take, I knew that Adrian had to be involved.”



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