Rewire – Art x Audio

Posted by Chris Airplays, 20th July 2014 09:15am

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Rob Swain (Gamma Proforma) and Andrea Parker (Touchin Bass / Aperture) have got together to curate a really interesting project fusing Art & Music.

Some top notch artists have created work that electronic producers are in turn interpreting as music.

The culmination of all this will be a book and vinyl box set alongside an exhibition at Gamma Transport Division in Edinburgh.

I’ve asked Rob if the show will be coming to London but nothing’s confirmed; fingers crossed!

The project is being funded via a kickstarter campaign with various different donations getting assorted extras.

Find out more and help to fund Rewire here.

Visual artists: Augustine Kofie, Jerry ‘Joker’ Inscoe, Poesia, sheOne, Nawer, Stendec, Moneyless, Phil Ashcroft, Derm, Robert ‘Tone’ Proch, Sebastien, Preschoux, Sat One, Graphic Surgery, Felipe Pantone, O.Two, Roids, Clemens Behr, Christopher Derek Bruno, 108, Kidghe, Stohead

Audio Artists: Luke Vibert, Divine Styler, Mike Ladd, Andrea Parker / Daz Quayle, Cristian Vogel, Arovane, Einoma, Third Shock, Methodblack, Lyken, Monkphat, Plaster, Clatterbox, GFQ, Quinoline Yellow, Evac, Kero, Dalglish, Bogger, Northburg, Ed Devane

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